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Define the budget

Call for tenders

Works scheduling


A consultant, a manager, an expert

The client representative helps you with your construction or renovation project. He is a source of advice and proposals to guide you and thus guarantee the success of your project.
Thanks to his knowledge of the languages and techniques of the various trades involved in the management and implementation of real estate, urban and territorial projects, the client representative is able to effectively represent the interests of the project owner and coordinate the partners involved.

This includes among others:

  • Definition of the specifications, the work programme
  • Organisation of the project management team (architects, b.e.t, control office, etc…)
  • Control of the budget envelope
  • Control of legal, administrative and judicial criteria
  • Supervision of calls for tenders
  • Supervision of the work phases
  • Supervision of the reception phases

Why call on a Client Representative ?

As soon as different companies are involved in your project, it is important to call upon a client representative. The increasing complexity of construction, combined with the evolution of technologies, regulations, budgetary constraints and new contractual practices make it essential to have a client representative to carry out and monitor your project.
Through he neutrality, he/she guarantees the control of the construction management and the proper transmission of needs between the project manager and the construction management team. He/she also guarantees the feasibility of the project and the respect of deadlines and budget. In addition, the client representative will assist you with the administrative aspects of your project. Finally, he/she can play the role of conciliator in case of difficulty with one of the companies involved in your project.
The client representative releases you from the task of monitoring your project.
You don’t have to directly manage the daily relationships with the various parties involved.

For more information on this subject

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